A Visual Approach to SPSS for Windows: A Guide to SPSS 17.0

A Visual Approach to SPSS for Windows: A Guide to SPSS 17.0

Yazar Leonard D Stern
Yayınevi Pearson Education
ISBN 9780205002078
Baskı yılı 2010
Sayfa sayısı 432
Ağırlık 0,83 kg
Edisyon 2
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SPSS is, essentially, a visually-driven program, but most texts rely primarily on a verbal approach to describe its use.? A Visual Approach to SPSS for Windows is the first text of its kind to employ what the author refers to as ? visual sequencing? to teach students how to use SPSS.?


This book is great for anyone interested in learning to use SPSS!


Chapter 1: The Basics

Chapter 2: Entering and Saving Data

Chapter 3: Modifying Data in the Data Editor

Chapter 4: Defining Variables? Properties

Chapter 5: The SPSS Statistics Viewer

Chapter 6: Graphing Data with the Chart Builder????

Chapter 7: Data Transformation and Case Selection?

Chapter 8: The Frequencies Procedure

Chapter 9: Other Procedures for Obtaining Descriptive Measures

Chapter 10: Bivariate Correlation and Regression

Chapter 11: Multiple Regression and Correlation

Chapter 12: Chi-Square Tests of Independence and Goodness-of-Fit

Chapter 13: One and Two Sample T-Tests

Chapter 14: One-Way Analysis of Variance

Chapter 15: Two-Way and Higher Order Analyses of Variance

Chapter 16: Within-Subjects ANOVAS

Chapter 17: Nonparametric or Distribution Free Tests

Chapter 18: Exploratory Factor Analysis

Chapter 19: Discriminant Analysis

Appendix A: Using the Chart Editor to Insert a Reference Line and Data Labels

Appendix B: Using the Chart Editor to Add a Title to the X-Axis

Appendix C: Using Codebook to Obtain an Overview of the Variables in a Data File